Vixen SLV eyepieces

6 August 2015 Steve Ringwood

Steve Ringwood takes a good look through Vixen’s SLV range of eyepieces, offered in ten focal lengths from 2.5mm to 25mm. Each is designed to offer exceptional clarity and contrast across a 45°—50° field by employing rare earth Lanthanum glass. He also notes that each eyepiece’s polygonal rubber grip acts as an ‘anti-roll’ feature, hopefully protecting them from a fall!


Vernonscope Deluxe 1.25-inch Binoviewer

27 July 2015 Steve Ringwood

Microscopists enjoyed the advantages of binocular vision long before someone thought to apply this principle to telescopes. Using both eyes, the brain is able to interpolate both fields, resulting in a gain in contrast and a consequently improved perception of detail. Steve Ringwood appraises a very stylish model from Venonscope aimed at the top end of the twin eyepiece market.


Alan Gee Telecompressor Mk II

12 July 2015 Steve Ringwood

If you own a long focal ratio Ritchey–Chrétien or Schmidt-Cassegrain telescope and hanker after wider fields of view for both visual use and astrophotography, then Baader Planetarium’s new telecompressor could be just what you need. Steve Ringwood investigates.


Orion edge-on planetary eyepieces

23 June 2015 Steve Ringwood

Steve Ringwood takes a look through a range of 1.25-inch seven-element eyepieces of a design optimised for high contrast, flat-field performance on the planets and likes what he sees.


Sky-Watcher Stargate-450P Dobsonian

7 June 2015 Steve Ringwood

Steve Ringwood appraises a veritable light bucket in the form of Sky-Watcher’s Stargate-450P — an 18-inch f/4.1, all metal truss tube Dobsonian designed to be easily transported and assembled ready for use in less than 20 minutes.


Celestron NexImage Burst Colour camera

25 May 2015 Steve Ringwood

Looking for a high-resolution, high-speed camera for imaging Saturn at opposition with your telescope? Steve Ringwood appraises the one-shot colour Celestron NexImage Burst, capable of capturing 120 frames/second — and it comes with image-processing software too!


3× four-element Barlow lens

12 May 2015 Steve Ringwood

Steve Ringwood investigates a 4-element, 3x Barlow lens that’s designed to provide efficient field correction and apochromatic performance that can match other highly specified optics in the light path.


Orion SkyQuest XX12g Dobsonian

28 April 2015 Steve Ringwood

If you fancy drinking up views of the universe from a light-bucket, Orion’s SkyQuest XX12g GOTO Dobsonian will leave you drunk on celestial wonders, writes Steve Ringwood.


Sky-Watcher Star Discovery 150P Newtonian

22 April 2015 Steve Ringwood

Steve Ringwood appraises Sky-Watcher’s computerised yet easy-to-use starter ‘scope that features FreedomFind™ dual-encoder technology, allowing you to move the instrument manually or electronically without losing alignment.