Saturn’s peculiar moon Pan pictured

11 March 2017 Astronomy Now

The Cassini probe has revealed Saturn’s inner-most moon Pan in all its peculiar glory. The spacecraft took the highest resolution images yet of the extraordinary, ravioli-shaped moon on 7 March 2017 from a distance of 24,572 kilometres (15,268 miles).

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Voyager 1 sees Jupiter’s Great Red Spot

5 March 2017 Astronomy Now

On 5 March 1979, Voyager 1 made its closest approach to Jupiter, passing at a distance of about 349,000 kilometres (217,000 miles) from the planet’s centre. It captured this close-up view of the swirling clouds around Jupiter’s Great Red Spot in February as it approached the gas giant.

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Jovian cloudscapes

2 March 2017 Astronomy Now

This close-up view of Jupiter from NASA’s Juno probe captures the turbulent region just west of the Great Red Spot in the South Equatorial Belt, with resolution better than any previous pictures from Earth or other spacecraft.


Watch NASA exoplanets announcement

22 February 2017 Astronomy Now

Watch live as NASA holds a news conference at the space agency’s headquarters in Washington, DC to announce new findings on exoplanets. The news conference begins at 6pm GMT.