StarAid revolution

11 March 2022 Ade Ashford

This year sees the launch of new astrophotographic technologies spearheaded by StarAid, an eyepiece-sized autonomous autoguider, easy polar-alignment tool and platesolver. How does it work? Impressively, writes Ade Ashford.


Observe contrasting galaxies M108 and M109

9 March 2022 Mark Armstrong

Early spring sees the return of the galaxies, monumental rotating structures of many millions of gravitationally bound stars amid interstellar dust and gas that span tens of thousands or more light years in diameter.


Messier 95 & 96

8 March 2022 Mark Armstrong

Early spring heralds the rise of the galaxies, when over the next three months or so the prime-time night sky is overflowing with a veritable treasure trove of bright and beautiful targets.