See Mercury at its morning best

23 October 2021 Mark Armstrong

Mercury reaches greatest elongation west of the Sun on 25 October, providing an opportunity to observe the elusive innermost planet’s best showing of the year before sunrise.


Orionids marred by the Moon

21 October 2021 Mark Armstrong

The Orionid meteor shower peaks on 21/22 October. Unfortunately the shower will be severely affected by glare from a near-full Moon. Orionids often leave persistent trains, or trails, so its brightest meteors might slice through the glare.


Watch as the Moon blots out bright stars

31 August 2021 Mark Armstrong

Watching a bright star disappearing or reappearing from occultation behind the Moon’s limb is always an exciting observation to make. This week there are back-to-back events involving two of the brightest stars to be occulted this year.


Catch some Perseid shooting stars!

9 August 2021 Mark Armstrong

It’s that time of the year again! The Perseid meteor shower, which peaks this week, is highly-anticipated by observers hoping to enjoy the spectacular sight of multiple meteors raining down during mild summer nights.