20mm Lightwave Hyper-wide 100-degree eyepiece

Astronomy Now image
Astronomy Now image
It is extraordinary to contemplate how quickly we are becoming used to the availability of eyepieces with huge apparent fields (and you wonder where it will end). Yet they do provide incredibly immersive views that lift even mundane celestial objects to a new level of interaction. Of course, simply providing a yawning visual chasm into the universe is not all that is required; the delivered view itself needs to maintain good corrections of optical aberrations that might otherwise be introduced by the effort to provide the ‘porthole’ effect.

This new two-inch fitting 20mm ‘Hyper-wide’ eyepiece from Altair Astro’s LightwaveTM range has been carefully designed to minimise chromatic and other aberrations, assisted by the incorporation of special dispersion glasses within its multi-coated nine-element configuration. This Lightwave is no lightweight (at 875 grams it is more a counter-weight!) but with its ability to provide astounding ‘real’ fields of high contrast, its robustness should ensure many years of faithful and rewarding service.

Price: £339

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