Utilities for telescopes and DSLR cameras

By Ade Ashford

Scope_Calc-DSLR_Calc_620x393jpgIn a recent post we introduced Astronomy Now Online‘s global Almanac and UK Sky Chart. At the time we promised further interactive tools to help you get the most out of your precious observing sessions, so we proudly have two more to show you — Scope Calc and DSLR Calc. You can access all our utilities from the pop-down list that appears when you click on the blue OBSERVING menu at the top of every webpage.

Scope Calc is a general-purpose telescope program. It’s useful when contemplating a new eyepiece, Barlow lens or focal reducer; what magnification or field of view will they deliver? Or maybe you are buying a new ‘scope — are your current eyepieces and accessories compatible? You can find answers to these questions and much more!

DSLR Calc is an program for newcomers to astrophotography and seasoned astroimagers alike. By entering the parameters of your telescope (with or without Barlow lenses or focal reducers) and the type of digital single-lens reflex camera body you’re using, the utility works out the field of view of the resulting combination. Enjoy!