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The gift that goes on giving – Cassini at Saturn

16 May 2018 Astronomy Now

Saturn’s rings cast sharp shadows across the planet’s northern hemisphere in a view captured by NASA’s Cassini spacecraft in 2007 at a distance of about 1 million miles, using red, green and blue filters to produce a natural-colour view.

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Taking a shine to Enceladus

3 April 2018 Astronomy Now

Saturn’s rings cast shadows on the planet’s cloud tops, providing a perfect backdrop for the brilliant sphere of the moon Enceladus in this image taken by NASA’s Cassini probe.

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Saturn’s ‘Great Northern Storm’ still an awesome sight to behold

6 March 2018 William Harwood

For reasons not yet understood, Saturn seems to store energy in its atmosphere over decades before suddenly releasing it in massive lightning storms that affect the ringed planet’s atmosphere across enormous distances. The Great Northern Storm of 2010/11 circled Saturn like a snake eating its tail, persisting for months before dissipating.