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An identity crisis for a galaxy in the vast Virgo cluster

16 July 2018 Astronomy Now

Located in the rich Virgo cluster, a collection of more than 1,300 galaxies, NGC 4388 is classified as a spiral, but gravitational interactions with other members of the cluster are giving it a “confused” identity with features similar to those found in elliptical galaxies.

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M66, a favorite target for amateurs, as seen by Hubble

20 June 2018 Astronomy Now

M66 is a familiar galaxy to amateur astronomers around the world, the largest member of a trio of interacting galaxies in the constellation Leo. This shot by the Hubble Space Telescope reveals M66 in all its glory, with its asymmetric spiral arms and a displaced core.

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Hubble gives astronomers ringside seat for galaxy merger

2 June 2018 Astronomy Now

Two colliding galaxies 100 million light years away give astronomers a ringside seat to witness bursts of star formation as vast clouds of gas and dust interact, triggering the creation of thousands of star clusters surrounding two galactic cores that are slowly merging.