Bresser Messier AR-152L/1200 refractor OTA

By Steve Ringwood

Bresser_Messier_940x653Despite the many advantages that reflectors provide, refractors maintain advantages of their own; not least through the absence of a blob of ‘silver paint’ impinging on the centre of their primary element.

This new achromatic refractor, made in the classic Fraunhofer doublet design, boasts a very significant 152mm (six-inch) aperture. With a focal ratio of a little under f/8, the focal length of 1200mm means that powers of up to 300× can be usefully employed whilst retaining very good colour correction.

Tube furniture features an 8 × 50mm finder and Bresser’s bespoke Hex Focus system, a vignetting free 65mm diameter focuser offering no slippage or image shift, even with heavy two-inch diameter eyepieces.

A remarkably economical price for a six-inch refractor, it includes incorporated mounting rings and handle, a 26mm Plossl eyepiece, a 1.25″ diagonal and a T-adapter.

Price: £433

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