Remote imaging with Telescope Live

1 March 2022 Astronomy Now

Fed up with cloudy nights spoiling your astro-imaging fun? Nik Szymanek gives the lowdown on the Telescope Live remote-observing facilities that allow imagers to capture objects in the southern celestial hemisphere without even stepping outdoors.


Unistellar EVscope Equinox

22 February 2022 Ade Ashford

Unistellar’s eQuinox delivers five times the internal data storage and longer battery life than its predecessor, but ditches the eVscope’s electronic eyepiece. Ade Ashford checks out the new features.


SharpStar D 150mm f/2.8 HNT: An imaging telescope with sharp vision

27 May 2020 Ade Ashford

Until comparatively recently, your best tool for capturing wide-angle vistas of extended deep-sky objects with a full-frame DSLR or CCD/CMOS camera was a fast prime lens from one of the big-name players in photography. Now you can attain these swift imaging speeds with hyperbolic Newtonians, such as the SharpStar 15028HNT.


See the International Space Station glide over the UK

2 August 2016 Ade Ashford

If you chance upon a bright ‘star’ crawling across the sky in an arc from west to east, an object that doesn’t flash or possess red and green running lights (which is an aircraft), then you can be fairly certain that you’re looking at the International Space Station (ISS). Find out when and where to see it from the British Isles and Western Europe this week.