Picture This

A rung on the cosmic measuring ladder

25 May 2022 Keith Cooper

When measuring the Hubble constant by mapping the properties of the cosmic microwave background radiation to the standard model of cosmology, astronomers get a value of about 69 kilometres per second per megaparsec.


Messier 3: observe a great globular

23 May 2022 Mark Armstrong

There are very few deep-sky sights that can equal, let alone surpass, the magnificence of a great globular cluster filling the field of view of a high-power eyepiece, with myriad sparking suns crammed together and all vying for attention.


Link-up with the Lyrids

20 April 2022 Mark Armstrong

The return of the yearly April Lyrids meteor shower is very welcome for meteor observers, breaking the roughly 15-week hiatus since the maximum of the Quadrantids meteor shower on 3 January.


SharpStar D 150mm f/2.8 HNT: An imaging telescope with sharp vision

27 May 2020 Ade Ashford

Until comparatively recently, your best tool for capturing wide-angle vistas of extended deep-sky objects with a full-frame DSLR or CCD/CMOS camera was a fast prime lens from one of the big-name players in photography. Now you can attain these swift imaging speeds with hyperbolic Newtonians, such as the SharpStar 15028HNT.


Peter Grego 1965-2016

20 August 2016 Paul Sutherland

Shortly before the September issue of Astronomy Now went to press, we were shocked and saddened to learn of the sudden and untimely death of Peter Grego, one of this magazine’s long-standing, regular contributors.