Spectacular green fireball seen over UK

17 March 2016 Astronomy Now

Observers across the British Isles report a fireball seen shortly before 3:17am GMT on 17 March. The UK Meteor Observation Network’s monochrome camera in Church Crookham, Hampshire also recorded the spectacular event, which lasted for several seconds and was seen for hundreds of miles.


Enhanced Taurid meteor shower lights up November skies

9 November 2015 Ade Ashford

The terrestrial fireworks of recent Bonfire Night(s) celebrations in the UK have masked a rather unusual display of natural illuminations, as we are in the midst of the Taurid meteor showers. However, this year’s display of celestial fireworks not only occurs near a new Moon for dark skies, but the double-peaked shower is currently showing signs of unusually high activity similar to the fireball-rich display of 2005.