Chiron may be second minor planet to possess Saturn-like rings

17 March 2015 Astronomy Now

Five bodies in our Solar System are known to bear rings — Saturn, and to a lesser extent, rings of gas and dust also encircle Jupiter, Uranus, and Neptune; then Chariklo was added this haloed group last year, one of a class of minor planets called centaurs — now the progenitor of the centaurs, Chiron, most likely has rings too.


Sun emits significant solar flare

12 March 2015 Astronomy Now

On March 11th at 4:22 pm GMT, the Sun emitted a powerful solar flare that registered 2.2 on the X-class scale. NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory captured the event in stunning detail.


Dwarf galaxy’s gamma-rays hint at dark matter

11 March 2015 Kerry Hebden

An excess of gamma rays detected coming from a recently discovered dwarf galaxy named Reticulum 2, which is 98,000 light years from Earth, could provide researchers with clues about dark matter, which is the mysterious stuff that makes up most of the Universe.