Book Reviews

Stories in the Stars

20 June 2015 Owen Brazell

A retelling of the main constellation stories from the Graeco-Roman tradition with a light-hearted approach that also introduces some stories of the stars from other cultures. A nicely produced book with excellent drawings that can be recommended if you want a modern retelling of the constellation stories, writes reviewer Owen Brazell.

Book Reviews

Exmoor Dark Skies

28 May 2015 Owen Brazell

Seb Jay’s book is intended to help promote the Exmoor International Dark Sky Reserve, acting both as a guide to the locations within the park that are suitable for observing from and as a beginners’ guide to the objects to be seen, says reviewer Owen Brazell.

Book Reviews

Hubble’s Universe

5 May 2015 Owen Brazell

Rather than choosing to celebrate the Hubble Space Telescope’s silver anniversary with another coffee table book of iconic images, author Terence Dickinson offers his own take on the orbiting observatory’s top discoveries, says Owen Brazell.