Book Reviews

Masters of the Universe

8 October 2015 Astronomy Now

How did our modern picture of the universe come into being? Helge Kragh’s book tells this fascinating story in an unusual format that blends factual and fictional elements. The ‘interviewees’ are a collection of eminent twentieth century cosmologists, among them Einstein, Eddington, De Sitter, Hoyle, Arrhenius, Dirac and Schwarzschild. Reviewed by Ian Welland.

Book Reviews

Moon: Nature and Culture

8 July 2015 Astronomy Now

Edgar Williams’ book examines the psychological, philosophical and spiritual significance of our nearest neighbour in space. Reviewer Ian Welland states that the author had done extensive research, but the book should be considered a cultural and historical account of our interpretation of the Moon, rather than a full scientific account.

Book Reviews

Introducing the Planets and their Moons

20 June 2015 Astronomy Now

An excellent summary of the planets with the right amount of facts, writes reviewer Ian Welland. It uses a geological approach and each chapter deals with specific topics rather than being devoted to one planet in turn. “A super value book that will appeal to more than the beginner or younger reader,” he says.

Book Reviews

Deep-Sky Companions: Southern Gems

24 April 2015 Astronomy Now

Well-known astronomer and writer Stephen James O’Meara has taken James Dunlop’s 19th century opus as the basis for his survey of 120 southern sky objects for the modern astronomer.