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Myths, Symbols and Legends of Solar System Bodies

8 December 2015 Astronomy Now

The history of astronomy and how ancient peoples interpreted the Sun, Moon and planets through mythology, legends, art and popular culture is a fascinating one. However, reviewer I. Fontaine finds some serious errors in Rachel Alexander’s book. “It’s a rare example of reading something that overwhelms and disappoints in equal measure,” says Fontaine.

Book Reviews

Galactic Encounters

17 November 2015 Astronomy Now

“With many great photographs — from Edwin Hubble to the Hubble Space Telescope — a robust approach to the science which is (usually) very well explained, and detailed footnotes, this is a history of galactic astronomy that should definitely find space on your bookshelf,” says reviewer Andy Sawers.

Book Reviews

Living Among Giants

8 July 2015 Keith Cooper

Space artist and author Michael Carroll takes you on a voyage of discovery through the outer Solar System, exploring not only the science of these worlds, but lets your imagination soar to picture what it would be like to stand on Ganymede or Titan. “Carroll’s artwork is stunning… this brilliant book will have you hooked from the beginning,” says reviewer Keith Cooper.