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The Secret Life of Space

8 July 2015 Astronomy Now

Authors Couper and Henbest are great storytellers with an eye for a colourful character, says reviewer Andy Sawers. Novice stargazers looking for an introduction to the great milestones and personalities of astronomy will want to read it, while knowledgeable astronomers will enjoy the enthusiastic storytelling, he adds.

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Moon: Nature and Culture

8 July 2015 Astronomy Now

Edgar Williams’ book examines the psychological, philosophical and spiritual significance of our nearest neighbour in space. Reviewer Ian Welland states that the author had done extensive research, but the book should be considered a cultural and historical account of our interpretation of the Moon, rather than a full scientific account.

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Living Among Giants

8 July 2015 Keith Cooper

Space artist and author Michael Carroll takes you on a voyage of discovery through the outer Solar System, exploring not only the science of these worlds, but lets your imagination soar to picture what it would be like to stand on Ganymede or Titan. “Carroll’s artwork is stunning… this brilliant book will have you hooked from the beginning,” says reviewer Keith Cooper.

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Stories in the Stars

20 June 2015 Owen Brazell

A retelling of the main constellation stories from the Graeco-Roman tradition with a light-hearted approach that also introduces some stories of the stars from other cultures. A nicely produced book with excellent drawings that can be recommended if you want a modern retelling of the constellation stories, writes reviewer Owen Brazell.

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The Astronomy Bible

20 June 2015 Kerry Hebden

Small, chunky and handy enough to be stuffed in a rucksack for quick facts and tips on the go, six of the book’s eight chapters cover the Solar System, the remainder being devoted to all that lies beyond. An easy-reading book that won’t swamp the reader with complicated terminology and a waffling narrative, writes reviewer Kerry Hebden.

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Introducing the Planets and their Moons

20 June 2015 Astronomy Now

An excellent summary of the planets with the right amount of facts, writes reviewer Ian Welland. It uses a geological approach and each chapter deals with specific topics rather than being devoted to one planet in turn. “A super value book that will appeal to more than the beginner or younger reader,” he says.

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Why Mars: NASA and the Politics of Space Exploration

28 May 2015 Astronomy Now

W Henry Lambright presents a chronological account of how Mars exploration waxed and waned in tune with the political and economic priorities of the U.S. Government in a book that will expand your views about Mars’ place on the priority list of planetary destinations, says reviewer Malcolm Smith.

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Introducing Astronomy

28 May 2015 Steve Ringwood

The production quality of this delightful little book by Iain Nicolson is remarkably lavish given the cover price, writes reviewer Steve Ringwood. While aimed at relative newbies to astronomy, its claim to be an introductory guide does not diminish its scope.

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Exmoor Dark Skies

28 May 2015 Owen Brazell

Seb Jay’s book is intended to help promote the Exmoor International Dark Sky Reserve, acting both as a guide to the locations within the park that are suitable for observing from and as a beginners’ guide to the objects to be seen, says reviewer Owen Brazell.

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Pearls of the Southern Skies

5 May 2015 Astronomy Now

Have you encountered the ‘War and Peace Nebula’, the ‘Furious Dancer Galaxy’ or the ‘Carina Smile Nebula’? These objects and a wealth of Southern Hemisphere deep-sky treasures feature in this well-written landscape-format coffee table book, says Nik Szymanek.