Join us for the Cosmic Clouds 3-D book launch

Join us at 8pm BST (1900 GMT) for the launch of Cosmic Cloud 3-D, hosted by London’s Science Museum. Featuring a breath-taking lenticular 3-D front cover, Cosmic Clouds 3-D takes you on a mesmerising journey that tells the story of the birth, death and recycling of stars in nebulae and the formation of the elements that make up our own planet and everything on it.

Brian May, Creative Director of Cosmic Clouds 3-D. Photo: Denis Pellerin.

This unique book, written by leading astronomy writer David Eicher, is supported by explosive visuals of these clouds of dust and gas spanning unimaginable distances, brought to life in cutting edge 3-D for the first time by renowned Finnish artist and astronomer, J-P Metsävainio. With the accompanying 3-D viewer designed by Brian May, we are transported inside these almighty cosmic clouds to witness the life cycle of the stars.

Cosmic Clouds 3-D is available from the Astronomy Now Shop. Readers of the magazine can save £10 when they use the coupon code on page 45 of the October issue.