Hanging around in space: astronaut necklace

astronaut_necklaceAstronauts have a reputation. They are sober, imperturbable, but aggressively intelligent and ambitious. They are ‘target orientated’, whether towards the Moon or just into orbit. They are active, their engines always running. One thing they do not do is just hang around.

This one does and, what is more, it is happy to do so around the delectable neck of delighted ladies.

It is said that what women secretly want is to have a man on a chain. Now that wish can be fulfilled – albeit that the ‘man’ in question is not a doting live one. Laying upon their décolletage, this happy guy is an enchanting 32mm replica of a spaceman, dangling with derring-do from a 61cm (24 inch) golden brass stellar-adorned chain. The ceramic figure hails from exotic Peru – and, with affection, from one space-loving partner to another.



Price: £16.50