ASA reducer/corrector for Newtonians

24 January 2015 Steve Ringwood

With this lens from ASA (Astro Systeme Austria) you can make rich-field Newtonian telescope even richer, whilst correcting aberrations, for stunning wide-field views or shorter exposures while astroimaging.


Baader Nano Tracker

17 January 2015 Steve Ringwood

Would you like to photograph Comet Lovejoy but don’t have a driven telescope mount? Now you can capture long-exposure wide-angle scenes with a DSLR camera using Baader’s diminutive yet fully-featured Nano Tracker.


Something nice for the wall

31 December 2014 Steve Ringwood

Do you feel that your current decor is a little drab? If so, give you room an out-of-this-world makeover with an astronomically-themed wallpaper mural!


Mosaic-making: Asimoplan software

23 October 2014 Steve Ringwood

Visual observers now have the benefit of wide-field eyepieces but astro-imagers are somewhat limited to the size of their CCD chip and when it comes to imaging large objects, they must take several images and build a mosaic.


Vixen BT-ED70S-A 70mm binoculars

2 October 2014 Steve Ringwood

These new ED binoculars from Vixen, a particular affinity to their telescopic cousins is by virtue of the freedom of available magnification, since the choice of 31.7mm fitting eyepieces is left to the user.