Dramatic view of Venus about to be swallowed up by the Moon

Venus was occulted by the Moon on June 19 in an event that was visible in broad daylight across the north-western half of Europe, including the UK. This fantastic shot of crescent-phase Venus just about to be swallowed up by a four per cent-illuminated old crescent Moon was captured remotely by Peter Goodhew. Realising he would be clouded out from London, he logged on to his dual rig at the e-EyE hosting site in Extremadura, Spain (www.entreencinasyestrellas.es/en/en-home/).

At 9.18am CEST, Peter captured a 1/100-sec shot through a red filter using a APM TMB LZOS 152 refractor (150mm [six-inch] aperture and 1,200mm focal length) and a QSI6120wsg8 CCD camera, both sited on a 10Micron GM2000 HPS GEM mount. Due to the large dynamic range between the Moon and Venus, Peter processed the raw data to stretch the Moon a little while reducing Venus’ intensity. He added it was a little scary slewing an expensive robotic telescope so close to the Sun!

Explore more of Peter’s excellent work on his website at https://www.imagingdeepspace.com