Bresser Messier 8-inch Dobsonian

By Steve Ringwood

Bresser_Dobo_940x1241As its name suggests, this telescope’s eight inch (203mm) aperture provides a light grasp suitable for exploring the galaxies and nebulae that constitute the Messier catalogue — and many other deep sky objects besides. Yet its 1218mm focal length (f/6) gives it access to the higher magnifications required for planetary observations too.

Its classic Dobsonian (alt-az) mount immediately makes it intuitive and simple to use — yet this is an instrument that offers features above those found in other telescopes of this type.

Its claim on Messier object observations is underlined by an over-sized focuser tube that will avoid inducing the large eyepiece vignetting that a smaller barrel might incur. The mass of heavyweight eyepieces is no trouble for the ‘scope either because large altitude wheels diminish their impact on instrument’s equilibrium — and in another trick, if they do create an imbalance, the whole tube can be moved within its tube rings to compensate! So binoviewers, massive cameras, filter wheels — they’re all in a night’s work for this versatile little beast.

Speaking of versatility, the tube itself can easily be decoupled for dovetailed attachment to another mount, such as an equatorial for astro-photography.

And this eager eight inch is keen for field work too, for the rocker box has been designed to ‘flat-pack’ in seconds for easy transport to dark sites.

Price: £333

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