Geoptik SLR hotshoe Synta finderscope adapter

By Steve Ringwood

Geoptik_SLR_hotshoe_Synta_finderscope_adapter_940x759Even a casual leafing through any astronomy magazine makes it evident that telescopic imaging is important. Yet it should never be forgotten that the simplest (and often, most stunning) astrophotography is possible by use of a camera (and its terrestrial lens) alone. For instance, merely pointing a static camera at the sky and exposing for a few minutes enables this humble device to reveal both the giddying motion of a spinning Earth and the colours of the stars — with the latter consequently revealing each star’s general spectral class (and therefore surface temperature); not bad for an imaging device that is not even connected to a telescope!

But in dim nocturnal light, it can be difficult to accurately aim the camera at a particular target in the sky. Red dot finders could facilitate this function, but their feet are not designed to hop aboard DSLR cameras — until now. The Geoptik hotshoe adapter is a convenient mediator between a camera and a red dot finder’s dovetail. Two locking screws ensure a firm grip and alignment.

Price: £45

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