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Up close and personal with ‘Pulsar in a Box’ simulation

14 October 2018 Astronomy Now

Computer simulations are giving astronomers a detailed view showing how the electric and magnetic fields surrounding fast-spinning pulsars spew out electrons and positrons, accelerating them to near light speed in a complex interplay that dominates the nearby environment.

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A deep look back in cosmic time courtesy of Hubble

26 September 2018 Astronomy Now

Among the Hubble Space Telescope’s most iconic images are jaw-dropping “deep field” views of the universe, images showing thousands of galaxies strewn across time and space that illustrate the rapid evolution of the cosmos in the wake of the Big Bang birth of time and space. This “eXtreme Deep Field” view is no exception.

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Jupiter probe captures intriguing look at a ‘brown barge’

16 September 2018 Astronomy Now

Extended oval storms known as “brown barges” are occasionally seen in Jupiter’s North and South Equatorial Belts, but they tend to blend into the surrounding area and are difficult to spot. NASA’s Juno spacecraft recently captured a clear view of a brown barge in the southern belt.