Tim Peake’s Principia spacewalk

European Space Agency Press Release

Click on the image for a full-resolution version. Image credit: ESA/NASA.
Image credit: ESA/NASA.

European Space Agency astronaut Tim Peake pictured during his 4 hour 43 minute spacewalk to replace a failed power regulator and install cabling on the International Space Station.

The meticulously planned and executed sortie was stopped early after fellow spacewalker NASA astronaut Tim Kopra reported a small amount of water building up in his helmet. The two Tims worked in close cooperation with each other to return to the Space Station, with NASA commander Scott Kelly and cosmonaut Sergei Volkov waiting inside to help them out of their suits.

Tim commented on this picture: “Today’s exhilarating spacewalk will be etched in my memory forever — quite an incredible feeling!”

Image: NASA/ESA.
Tim Peake lifted his space suit helmet visor to pose for a picture with one of the space station’s electricity generating solar panels as a backdrop. Image: NASA/ESA.
The main work site was at the far end of the space station’s sprawling truss, providing the spacewalkers with spectacular views of the orbiting complex. Image: NASA/ESA.
Tim Peake uses the reflective coating of his space suit helmet to capture the ultimate space selfie. Image: NASA/ESA.
Tim Peake waves to his fellow spacewalker, Tim Kopra. Image: NASA/ESA.
Tim Peake readies his tools for the crucial repair of the space station’s voltage regulator. Image: NASA/ESA.

Follow Tim Peake and his six-month Principia mission via timpeake.esa.int