Baader 2″ Diamond SteelTrack focusers

3 April 2016 Steve Ringwood

Steve Ringwood reviews a new range of precision focusers aimed at refractors, SCTs and Newtonians that employ real diamonds to create a micro-geared high-precision drive system. Capable of handling a load of 6kg (13 lbs), these focusers offer complete freedom from backlash and flexure. Motor drive option with focus control via PC also available.


Alan Gee Telecompressor Mk II

12 July 2015 Steve Ringwood

If you own a long focal ratio Ritchey–Chrétien or Schmidt-Cassegrain telescope and hanker after wider fields of view for both visual use and astrophotography, then Baader Planetarium’s new telecompressor could be just what you need. Steve Ringwood investigates.