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We see one star everyday – the Sun. For the careful observer using specialist solar filter and telescopes, or using projection, the Sun has a plethora of dynamical phenomena that can change on a daily basis, even before your very eyes.


The lack of dark nights to observe in during summer provides the perfect opportunity for some much needed maintenance of your telescopic equipment.


This year is the two-hundredth anniversary of the science of spectroscopy and since its advent in 1814 it has become the most important astronomical technique at our disposal, writes Keith Cooper.


Mark Radice headed across the Atlantic to Florida for the annual Winter Star Party, giving views of objects otherwise too far south to be seen from the UK.


The North East Astronomy Forum in New York State is the premier astronomy show in the United States and Astronomy Now were there to take a look at the latest astronomical equipment on display.


David Arditti continues his guide to imaging the members of our Solar System with how to image the second planet from the Sun.


Our 21-page night stargazing guide includes five things to see during the short nights of June.


Each month Astronomy Now's expert stargazers will reveal the splendours of a constellation and to get things started, Mark Armstrong dives deep into the stars and deep sky objects of Ophiuchus, the Serpent Bearer.


Among the most in-demand and expensive amateur telescopes on the planet are those produced by the prestigious American company, Astro-Physics. Neil English was presented with the opportunity to test-drive this sports car of the telescope world, but did it live up to its five-figure price and ten year wait?

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In our picture gallery, see the best of our readers' spectacular astro-pictures.

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